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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — On Aug. 24, Gordon “Butch” Burson was living out a “normal” day when something happened that has forever impacted his life.

He was at a church meeting following a day of work at RVs For Less in Knoxville. During the meeting, Burson had raised his arms and a pain in his back ensued. He tried to ‘walk off’ this pain when he lost feeling in his legs. Then, he was taken to his local hospital’s emergency room.

He was told he had a aortic dissection and must immediately undergo surgery. Within minutes, Burson was sedated and facing a four-hour surgery. While in surgery, he experienced two initial miracles which would begin a process which has lasted more than two months. First, his torn aorta stopped bleeding on its own. Secondly, while on the operating table, Burson went into cardiac arrest, but his heart began to beat again on its own.

Burson’s family was told he only had 15 percent chance of surviving the surgery. Also, the family has learned that even if someone survives the surgery only about 5 percent ever recover. Following the surgery, Burson faced more setbacks and went into a comatose state. He was almost completely non-responsive for approximately two weeks. Doctors told his family that Burson was ‘brain dead’ and would never be normal again. Three doctors prompted his wife, Karen, to be prepared to make a decision � either to take her husband off life support or be prepared to care for him in this state for the remainder of his life.

Nevertheless, the family refused to give up and refused to accept this negative report. As Christians, the Bursons say they believe in the power of prayer and in Jesus as healer. A blog was started which chronicled the events of the last couple of months. Additionally, the blog was used to give specific prayer points to aid friends and family members in how to pray and what to pray about. The blog can be found at Directly after a third doctor’s prompting to make a decision, Burson responded by opening his eyes and moving his fingers. This was the beginning of Burson’s restoration, his family claims. Certain individuals within the medical profession never expected Butch to leave the hospital or at the very least a nursing home facility, they told RV Daily Report.

But today, Burson just returned from a vacation with his family to Charleston, S.C. He is now back at home and coming into the office to work partial days at RV’s For Less. The Burson family told RV Daily Report they give all praise to God for this miraculous healing and to their friends and family who never gave up. Burson is the co-owner, along with his wife, Karen, of RV’s For Less, a dealership located in Knoxville, Tenn., that specializes in high-end fifth wheels. The couple started the dealership in 2003 which is an authorized dealer for both DRV Suites and Heartland RVs. For more information, visit or call 865.521.9112.

This article was published at on November 7, 2011